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Sweethearts Services

Sweethearts Services

Let’s meet and make sure that we are both comfortable with the commitment of care your Sweetheart will receive while here with us! 

We will be going over 4 essential things 

- is your sweetheart good with other dogs 

- is your sweetheart good with strangers

- is your sweetheart level of anxiety

- is your sweetheart a high flight risk


  • $25 deposit goes towards 1st Stay

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 6.25.48 PM.png

Let us care for your Sweetheart for a day of fun and attention. A stress-free day for you and them!



This is a pyjama party for your Sweetheart! Feel confident that your Sweetheart is being cared for as one of my own. Lots of care and fun.

With real 24 hour care where somebody is in the home with them all night long



Pick up at 10 am or daycare fees

are applied.

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Barrie south

Contact US

We do not accept last minute bookings or drop ins of new clients
We require a meet and greet/assessment to see if your dog is a good fit in our home environment beforehand
ON average we are booking assessment a week & a half out so we recommend booking Meet & greet before you need one

contact us

What services are you looking for?
Approximate age of dog?
Size of dog?
Is your dog fixed?

Keep those Tails wagging!

*We do not take any Huskys or Husky mixes at this time 
*Dogs over two must be fixed to participate
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