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About Jess

I do hope this helps you get to know me.

I have lived with cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses and small mammals all my life.  I’ve always had a passion for them and my parents tell stories of my affection for animals regardless of their (sometimes) lack of interest. I would sit there for hours gaining their trust until we were the best of friends.  I still believe to this day that trust is an important thing to have in a relationship whether it's with something big or something small. 

I’m committed to furry companions and their complete well-being & safety. I have worked as a dog walker, sitter, and trainer in various capacities including pet ownership. I have worked as a private dog walker for years as well as with a dog-walking company. I've also been a veterinary assistant. I completed a certification program for Dog Obedience. I have lived and worked with dogs all my life and I am confident in my ability to understand them, what they need, and how to achieve a cohesive pack.

  Previously, I was working an Animal Clinic where I was hired as a cashier but I was later staffed as an assistant groomer because I was very comfortable with the animals and my confidence provided the calm needed for a safe and enjoyable experience for all.  However, I realized that the clinic was more focused on profit rather than providing a considerate and compassionate approach to the furry friends they were trusted with. I learned that problems are only truly fixed from the inside out approach. We need to look at our furry friends as complete beings rather than animals who just need a quick fix. This and another experiences have changed my outlook and motivated me to run a company that prioritizes health, emotional needs and above all else, the safety of the animals.


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